Monthly Archives: September 2012

It’s been a magpie week. Trying to find the shine amongst the weeds.

it’s been a tough couple of days… However, there are always glimpses of shining moments that make the day sing ever so faintly if you listen hard enough and reach down into your soul.

My moments of joy today have come from the slow pace of learning to knit. From sitting still with soft yarn moving through my fingers. From listening to my minou reading ‘green eggs and ham’ by Dr Seuss, in her bed, at nap time. Hearing her sweet voice try to recite the prose with an intonation giving away her delectable humour. From sitting with friends eating rose geranium cupcakes whilst celebrating 3 years since birth of a little friend.

I am trying to navigate these current waves in my life. With my boat shipwrecked in choppy times. It has been a serious case of flotsam and jetsam. Filtering through what’s left, restocking what has been lost and finding out what this boat actually looks like. It’s hard reflecting on the crevices that have always existed. How to fix them? How to move forward? I need the grace of God. I have the grace of God and yet I find it hard to allow in my life. This needs more pondering. Pondering is always good and always instills a sense of hope in me, deep down, in my core. Another one of those important moments.