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Pumpkin Carving

I have been loving the alternative pumpkin carving that has been around this year. When I saw a competition at my new local cafe I couldn’t resist.

Challenge: easy
Time: 2 hrs (hard to tell as I was also baking some biscuits at the same time)
→ Pumpkin!
→ Sharp knife
→ Paper
→ Pencil
→ Tape
[→ Hammer,  Cookie Cutters]


1. Draw design on paper to size that fits your pumpkin.


2. Cut off top of your pumpkin about 1-2 inches from stalk. Try to slant your knife so the lid fits nicely on top and doesn’t fall inside.

3. Scrape out pulp and seeds. [Separate seeds, toss in extra virgin olive oil and roast in oven for 20mins at 180c, season with salt, pepper and spices~ eat and enjoy as you carve].


4. Tape design to pumpkin and trace around gently with knife. Remove design and carve. To get different light tones for your design detail, cut off skin of pumpkin. 


5. Light tea light and place inside. Enjoy!

Tip: You can hammer cookie cutters into pumpkin for pretty uniform shapes.

♡Let me see your designs!♡

Winter Mittens For Little Kittens

I have been meaning to make these for a few weeks and now the weather is bitter I can wait no more.



Challenge: Easy ♡

What you will need:
→ A snuggly jumper or cardigan [fabric] (mine was an old Gap one that had been shrunk in the wash)
→ tissue/tracing paper
→ scissors
→ pins
→ pencil



1. Trace around your littlies hand. Make a curve around the fingers rather than drawing them precisely. 


2. Draw another line about 1cm away from your first. This is your seam allowance. Cut out.

3. Turn your fabric inside out.


4. Pin your pattern to the fabric. If your pattern fits, place it on the sleeve as it will give you a lovely ribbed end. I pinned my a little way up the sleeve so that it gave me a big ribbed end which could be turned over [see end photo].

5. Stitch around your pattern. I found it easier to stitch over the paper and rip it off afterwards.


6. Cut out. Turn right way out.


♥ Enjoy your toasty mittens ♥
☆ Send me photos of your 52create:Mittens so I can see your sweet creations☆

Stitch a length of elastic to each one and thread though your child’s coat sleeves so your beloved 52create project doesn’t get lost [measure from tip of fingers to other fingers, of child’s outstretched arms].

Hot Air Balloon Craft Project

Today we finally finished our Easter project! We made a sweet hot air balloon for Minou’s room. I wish I had taken photos of the process. I will take you through step by step.

→ribbon or string
→egg carton
→little people/figurines to go in the hot air balloon basket!

1. Blow up your balloon to a size you like. Diddie or huge.

2. Mix glue and water. I think I did about 1:2 ratio. To be honest I don’t think it matters too much.

3. Tear up smallish pieces of paper. It will depend on the size of your balloon. For a regular sized balloon I used paper about the size of milk carton lid. We used our old IKEA catalogue.

4. Dip each piece in the glue mixture and start covering your balloon. Cover around the knot. We did about 3 layers but it could have done with a couple more as the IKEA catalogue is fine paper. It can help to use different colours for each layer so you can tell where you have covered.

5. Place your balloon in an airing cupboard or somewhere toasty warm overnight or until dry.

6. Burst the balloon (snip the knot and keep hold of it) and gently pull it out of the botton where the knot originally stuck out. I then quiclky covered the hole with a couple more layers and left to dry again.

7. Have fun painting it lovely colour and leave to dry.

8. Cut the two ends off your egg carton lid and stick together. I found blue and pink egg boxes in ASDA and Sainsbury.


9.String your ribbon through the egg cartons and tie a match stick to the end This is so that you only have to make a small hole in your papiermache balloon and the match will settle horizonatally and will be secure.


I dabbed a little superglue so that I knew the ribbon wouldn’t budge when I pushed it through the hole.

10. Make two holes in bottom of balloon and thread the match sticks through.

11. I used fishing wire/thread to then use another matchstick and hole in top to ham from the ceiling.

12. Place your little person inside, hang and enjoy. We spent a while blowing it and watching Kitty and Mimi in their balloon. She’s already looking forward to bedtime!

naomi ♡

Autumn Leaves Canvas Picture

This morning I suggested a walk and my little minou responded with “the wood where we had a picnic?!” Great idea. Perfect autumn weather and a chance for us to hunt out some pine cones, acorns and conkers to paint, decorate and create into a lovely garland.

So we packed up a picnic of wholemeal bread, ham, plums and cheese. Two flasks of warm milk (one with a sneaky mocha added) and we were set.


Whilst eating our picnic we made friends Sammy and his owner who informed us that the conkers and acorns had fallen early this year and pine cones may possibly be found a long way down the track. We said a quick hello to Harry the dog with a stroke and rub and then we were off on our nature hunt. Alas an hour in and no pine cones to be found.


However, the trees were gorgeous, leaves turning copper yellow and wine red. We collected handfuls, stuffing them in our pockets.


I couldn’t believe how long my tiny little minou had walked for and it was only in the last 10 minutes that we snuggled her into the back sling. Inevitably she collapsed into a sweet exhausted sleep the minute the car ignition turned.


I am loving my slow cooker at this time of year. We got home to the smell of olives, mushroom and tomato chicken. Yum.

After a hearty dinner we got out our autumn bounty and had a look. It was decided that instead of a garland we could up-date our ‘season’ picture with a heart collage. The most fun part was drying the leaves with a hairdryer! We then simply laid out the leaves without glue (I hope they don’t shuffle down during the night)
☆[edit. They did! Do glue them if you make one! ]☆


Anyway I will leave you with a perfect autumn poem:

Quand Automne en Saison Revient

Quand automne en saison revient,
La forêt met sa robe rousse
Et les glands tombent sur la mousse
Où dansent en rond les lapins.

Les souris font de grands festins
Pendant que les champignons poussent.
Ah ! que la vie est douce, douce
Quand automne en saison revient.

SAMIVEL (1907-1992)

naomi ♡

Hello world!

Welcome to 52 Create.

Recently I was thinking over my sewing projects since February 2012. A friend gave me a sewing machine and I was away! I found out that I love sewing. It is relaxing and at the end of the process you have a lovely item, lovingly made.

I have really only begun learning how to sew, read patterns and knit since this time. So I wanted a place to document my sewing endeavours and set myself a positive challenge of sewing, knitting, creating 52 projects each week for a year.

I hope you’ll join me. I look forward to sharing my projects and what I’ve learnt on the way. Advice, tips and techniques would be lovely.

I hope to also encourage any budding ‘create’ enthusiasts. Not to ruin the illusion but it really isn’t as hard as it looks!

See you soon
Naomi ♡