Winter Mittens For Little Kittens

I have been meaning to make these for a few weeks and now the weather is bitter I can wait no more.



Challenge: Easy ♡

What you will need:
→ A snuggly jumper or cardigan [fabric] (mine was an old Gap one that had been shrunk in the wash)
→ tissue/tracing paper
→ scissors
→ pins
→ pencil



1. Trace around your littlies hand. Make a curve around the fingers rather than drawing them precisely. 


2. Draw another line about 1cm away from your first. This is your seam allowance. Cut out.

3. Turn your fabric inside out.


4. Pin your pattern to the fabric. If your pattern fits, place it on the sleeve as it will give you a lovely ribbed end. I pinned my a little way up the sleeve so that it gave me a big ribbed end which could be turned over [see end photo].

5. Stitch around your pattern. I found it easier to stitch over the paper and rip it off afterwards.


6. Cut out. Turn right way out.


♥ Enjoy your toasty mittens ♥
☆ Send me photos of your 52create:Mittens so I can see your sweet creations☆

Stitch a length of elastic to each one and thread though your child’s coat sleeves so your beloved 52create project doesn’t get lost [measure from tip of fingers to other fingers, of child’s outstretched arms].

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