Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade Christmas chez moi continued…


I have several friends who all enjoy baking so I thought some homemade vanilla extract without all the chemical nasties would be a lovely gift.

Time: 20mins

Challenge: Easy

→ Vodka
→ Glass bottles
→ Vanilla pods
→ funnel (optional for ease)
→ Stickers
→ Ribbon


1. Wash your bottles well and sterilise with boiling water


2. Cut down the middle of your vanilla pods so that when they’re in the bottle all the vanilla loveliness will mingle with the vodka


3. Place pods in the bottles. You want a ratio of 1 pod per 80ml of vodka (about 1/3 cup).


4. Fill bottles with vodka


5. Add your stickers and ribbon to beautify and look sweet. Voila all done.

6. Leave in a cool dark place for about 2 months for flavours to develop. The colour will deepen with time.

You can just top up your bottle with vodka as you use it for a bottomless supply of vanilla extract.

I painted the lids with a festive red nail polish to cover over the writing.


naomi ♡

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