Festive Pinecone Fire lighters

Homemade Christmas:

I have seen many images of these pinecone firestarters gracing the boards of pinterest. Kate’s Creative Space in particular had a great post on making them which inspired me further.

As several of my friends have fireplaces in their homes they make a perfect winter gift. I have been for many autumn walks with my minou, bundled up against the cold pinecone hunting.


Alas, no pinecones were to be found. In the end my mum bought a little bag for me. So here we go lovelies lets make some festive pinecone fire lighters:

Time: Give yourself the evening so you can settle into a rhythm and enjoy the process.

→ Pinecones
→ Cinnamon
→ Cloves
→ Orange zest
→ Ginger
→ Tea lights/candles
→ Cupcake cases

1. You can just pop the tealight candle in a cupcake case and melt in the oven. I set it at about 160 celsius and kept checking on them.
I only had a few tealights hanging around so instead I chopped up half-used thin pillar candles. The advantage of this is that you can extract the full length of the wick and cut it to a good size.

2. Once your wax has melted add your spices and zest. Place your wick in the wax and move it to the side of the case. Plop in your pinecone. Give it a good squiggle so that it fits snug in the wax.


3. Leave to set. Once the wax has hardened gently peel away your cupcake case.

I experimented with different coloured wax and scented candles. In the end I made a big batch of plain white wax with only natural scent from the spices and orange. I love how you can see all the ingredients.

I wish you could smell them. I wish I had a fire!

Nothing beats a cold windy night outside, game of scrabble with a large glass of red and of course a festive pinecone in your roaring fire!

I am so excited about wrapping all my gifts. I need to think about how to wrap these up. I may try and find some clear wrapping cellophane.

I heated an extra case of wax as I went so that I could top up any of the pine cases that needed a little extra.

♡ naomi x

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