Drawing to Sewing. An Artwork Masterpiece Represented in Stitch.

Homemade Christmas~Translating drawings to sewing gifts.


My daughter’s current speciality is drawing spiders. No faces, just numerous long gangly legs. She tells me that spiders don’t have eyes, noses or mouths which from her vision is a perfect assumption. I love her representation with the tens and tens of legs spiking out from their swollen bodies.

So when I asked her to draw her grandpa a picture, which I could then sew onto a scarf for him, of course out came the squiggly orbits. “Spiders” she proudly exclaimed and signed her work with a flourish.

Okay. Spiders it is. I used to have a huge aversion to the arachnids. In fact since moving to London and coping with the obligatory visitors of the rodent nature, spiders swiftly became benign and laughingly meek in comparison.

We have been welcoming spiders into our home this last month to sort out any lingering flies. Maybe that is where the spider love started with my daughter.

She has a keen eye on each spider in our home and will announce with railway station regularity on their whereabouts and health status. “Sleeping spider, mama” [aka curled up and no longer with us.. but I’m leaving the death talk for another month].

Before my house sounds like a true infestation of nasties I’ll move onto the sewing project.

So with spider drawing in hand I set about recreating this with the machine. I had to use a stretch fabric stitch as a single stitch was too thin to be seen with the fluff of the fleece.


I love the effect and it didn’t take too long at all. I can’t wait to see what little minou makes of it tomorrow morning.


I feel many more ‘drawing to stitch’ projects over the next few years.

Have fun recreating your littlies drawings!
naomi ♡

4 thoughts on “Drawing to Sewing. An Artwork Masterpiece Represented in Stitch.

  1. Georgie Surrey

    This is amazing! Did you put the paper over the fabric and stitch over the lines? Love that little ones’ artwork doesn’t have to be confined to being displayed on the fridge!


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