Advent Calendar

I loved advent calendars as a child. Waking each morning to open a little door to a tiny piece of chocolate and guessing the hidden picture.

My minou doesn’t eat much chocolate yet so I wanted to make a variation on the advent countdown.

On our days together its nice to have a planned activity for the day. I thought it would be good to combine some tasty treats with fun mama and minou activities.

Recently I accidentally left out two stocking fillers which she has seen and not forgotten even though a few weeks have gone by so I will also incorporate them as I don’t want tricky Santa questions just yet!

Here is her advent selection
→ paint a Christmas canvas picture
→ have fun with sparklers outside before bed
→ have a hot chocolate, biscuit and watch a little programme before bed
→ playmobil toy
→ Dr Seuss book~ the grinch that stole Christmas
→ Hello Kitty lego
→ write a letter to Santa
→ go to a cafe for a smoothie
→ make cinnamon ornaments for our tree
→ see the London Christmas lights on a double decker bus
→ make orange clove decorations
→ make sparkley decorations
→ Hello Kitty number book
→ decorate a gingerbread house
→ make a pinecone elf
→ watch Tinkerbell at the cinema
→ have a winter picnic
→ have an afternoon of playdoh fun
→ make thank you cards
→ some chocolate treats
→ set out Santa and the reindeer’s treats

I literally scoured my home for boxes and containers. Yes I admit I have slight squirrel tendencies so it wasn’t too hard to find 24 homes for treats and trinkets.


I set about decorating and spray painting my containers until they were a pretty collection.

I had a small nightmare with the spray paint. Firstly, I accidentally bought gold glitter spray which went nowhere near covering the tins.Secondly, once I had the correct spray it only gave mediocre coverage and wiped off once dry!

Equally the glitter was tricky. Initially I wanted to coat the insides of the jars and containers so there was no chance of leaving glitter trails every day. I watered down the glue slightly so it would swish around. No good. Too runny. Anyway to cut a long story short and to save you the experimental time add glitter to glue and just paint it on or you can paint the glue on and sprinkle with glitter but this method does drop glitter a little.

These will nestle in a wicker basket under the tree ready for little hands to discover.


Next year I think I will stick to just two colours and two different wrapping papers for a more uniform look.

Happy Christmas planning
naomi ♡

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