It’s a Party Celebration

52 Create is a month old today!

How time has flown by. Thank you to all my lovely readers. It has been such fun sharing all my projects.

In honour of the anniversary I thought I’d share photos of a party we recently had chez nous.

There is a little someone with a bit of a Hello Kitty infatuation. She can hunt out a Hello Kitty from a mile away, no joke. I have no idea how this love affair started. She doesn’t watch it, we have little contact with Hello Kitty but somehow the clever branding has entranced my daughter’s psyche.

So to delight and captivate her for one day we went Hello Kitty crazy.

Here’s the evidence:


I decorated a lampshade a la Hello Kitty.

We had pin the bow on Kitty and of course she had to take cupcakes to her childminders the next day.

Breakfast table:


For her 1st birthday my maman made her a dress. Last year I made her a 1960s style red dress. Think Kennedy children:


This year I added, you guessed it, Hello Kitty to a dress pattern.




I will make her dresses each year until the lures of Topshop win her over.

I keep each one pressed in tissue paper once she has out grown it. If one day she has her own daughter they may get more wear and gather more memories.

Final photos of our window display:



Phew. That’s a lot of photos.

♥ Thank you again for checking into my posts ♥

Hopefully soon I will post a knitting project…

♡ naomi

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