Fairies? Sylvanians? Dollies? Elves?

The morning my dinky doo woke to find our Christmas tree decorated and festive trinkets dotted around our home she also happened upon a tiny wooden door…

Outside her bedroom just above the skirting board a small door with a crystal door knob, brass knocker and tiny letter box was found.

Someone had left their bike outside. Who could it be?


On seeing the door my minou became very inquisitive. She asked me a lot of questions and then set about trying to knock on the door in different ways to entice the owner to open up. Her initial thought is that it is Milly’s house…

When she was little I bought some dolls at a second hand sale. Little did I know that, for a long while, these would become her transitional object, little did I know that these went out of production years ago! As her last one became threadbare we phased in a rabbit and she continued to love her ‘nanou’ bear. Phew, crisis adverted!

As we tidied her room the other day we came across Milly’s fabric nappy. She wondered about her whereabouts. So with the arrival of the door it was promptly decided the either Milly or Sylvanians lived here…

This morning with the bicycle gone, she told me that in the night whilst she was asleep the cheeky people who lived there rode around and around!

Behind the secret scenes:

An early Christmas present (bought with money from my lovely aunty Pat and uncle Bill~thank you x)


I was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Kate’s Creative Space. Check out her beautiful, gorgeous projects and inspiration to die for.

You can get these items from Amazon or eBay or Minimum World.

I bought my items from Minimum World as I wanted it all from one place with one postage fee. They were great. It arrived quickly which was wonderful as I couldn’t wait to set it up.

One of the items had broken in transit which they immediately responded to by dispatching another. I just warn you it is hard to stop buying at a few items!

I bought a few surprises to place outside the door so look out for future posts.


Will there be any secret fairy/elf/borrowers in your homes? Do, do show me your photos!

Have fun creative friends.

♡ naomi

11 thoughts on “Fairies? Sylvanians? Dollies? Elves?

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  3. edenatticus

    Hello 🙂
    I wanted to pop by and have a nosy – and thank you for reading my blog. But now I realise that you are one of those ‘crafty bloggers’ who put me to shame with their many projects….. 😉
    On a more serious note – thanks for stopping by the blog. I am very jealous of your patience and skill! I’ll keep reading for inspiration.


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