Finally A Knitting Post!

Hello fellow knitters,

A few months ago a dear friend taught me to knit. I created a labour of love aka a soft pink, holey, wonky hat.


I loved it. I was so proud that I had managed to manipulate yarn and needles to create such a thing. And so the yarn heart in me was born.


I found a yarn shop, pursued the shelves and bought a snuggly soft grey dk (get me with the knit talk! Double knitting size).


I knit 3 hats one of which had to be all undone and re-knitted as I cast on too few and knit too many rows. Ah the pain. I also adapted a pattern and made a dolls hat.

Now I have a bit of a sad tale to tell…I took 3 of those carefully and gently made hats onto a train and then *sob*, *sniff*, forgot to take them back off. My mind was full of life and a few stressful events and so I was not on the (yarn) ball.

Anyway, glass half full, the recipients will at least get the benefits of the results of extra knitting practice.

Taking advantage of staying in a British coastal town for a week I devoured the numerous yarn shops. I smoothed my fingers over alpaca, mohair, cashmere and many more divine threads.

I have my new wool and am well on my way with the new hats. I’m following a Sidar pattern that is straightforward and relatively quick (for newbie hands).


Work in progress:


It’s a lovely bluey grey colour.


Happy knitting, knitting friends.


4 thoughts on “Finally A Knitting Post!

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  2. Kaira

    That’s sweet. I’m so afraid of patterns so I just keep knitting things that I can figure out without one – mostly dishcloths, pot holders and blankets. I’m intimidated by patterns.

      1. Kaira

        Free styling… I like that. Patterns are too full of rules and counting and things that I can do wrong. That said, I could really make a lot of other things if I’d learn how to work with them. Hmmm.

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