Knitted Bed

A little impromptu knitted bed for my dinky doo’s baby playmobil. [I thought this would be really quick but it ended up taking me an hour!]


Initially her bed was made out of tissue until she had an upgrade!


Just a little knit stitch and stocking stitch for the pillow, filled with some padding. Sew up to close and all around like a sleeping bag and voila a snuggly bed.

[4 ply, 2  1/3 size needles]


3 thoughts on “Knitted Bed

  1. Kaira

    My boys are always asking me to knit blankets, sweaters, capes and things for their stuffed animals. Most of the time it’s a hassle, but I hope that someday they’ll remember me as a mom who took time to make things that they asked for.

    1. Fifty Two Create Post author

      I am sure they will x It can be so satisfying seeing them play with something handmade (and demoralising when the item you’ve spent hours on gets dismissed!!)


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