Window Snowflakes

A little winter craft.

On my work intranet there is a lovely communal forum for people asking for help, selling items and generally making the workplace feel like a little family. I saw an ad from a particular department saying they were binning items if they could not find a home. What in the bin! No! Remember my squirrel tendencies?..Well that is what led to me being the recipient of 7 boxes of transparencies/acetate sheets. Yes 7 boxes!

I warn you now, over the next year there maybe many transparency crafts!

For our first project we made snowflakes to hang in the window. I photocopied snowflakes for the girls to draw over…


(place the transparency over the printout and voila). Cut out and hang with ribbon of your choice.


Maybe not your typical snowflake colour but maybe more charming for it.


If I get around to it I may make my own with a tippex pen or some glue and glitter. 

If anyone would like some transparencies, you know where to come!

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