Chocolate Spoons

These delights are to gift with the homemade hot chocolate. Stir into your hot drink, watch and lick the chocolate as it melts into your mug. Yumsville.

They were very straightforward to make. Buy yourself some plastic spoons [or better for the environment some pretty reusable ones].

Melt your milk or dark chocolate over a bain marie [bowl over heated water]. Don’t let your chocolate get too hot or it will loose its gloss.


Once melted, spoon the chocolate into the actual spoon and set aside to cool slightly.  Initially I added my chocolate drops straightaway but they melted a little so best to wait a bit first.

Add your marshmallows and/or drops and leave to completely cool and harden.


Wrap and give away as a lovely treat [or keep them for yourself for after a hard day, shhh, I won’t tell!]. 

Have fun. There are many sweet combinations you could try. I was tempted to make Santa hats with red food colouring and a chocolate drop for the pompom end but time constraints did not allow. Maybe next time.

I hope you enjoy a chocolate treat this week.


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