Knitted Hats Finale

Finally I re-finished the knitted hats. In the most part it was enjoyable!

I added a dinky bow to the girls hats. I looked at adding a button for the boy hat but it just didn’t look right so that one will stand alone as a woolen hat.


The pattern I found for these bows was from pinterest but the link is no good. So, if anyone out there knows who this came from please let me know so I can credit them.

They are straightforward, quick to make and really effective.  Here is a photo step by step:

Cut three pieces from felt [my new all time fav!]


Fold biggest pieces sides into middle


Add smaller piece to back and sew together


Wrap strip around centre and sew. Voila



By the way. I finished these late evening, went to bed. Woke up, came downstairs, took the bag off my banister and inside found the “lost” hats. Yup. What timing. Life is hilarious.

Have a lovely last few days before Christmas and I hope you avoid all winter bugs!


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