Cinnamon Decorations

One of our advent activities was to make cinnamon ornaments.  It was fun and easy enough for the dinky doo to be involved at each stage.

All you need is cinnamon, apple sauce, cookie cutters, ribbon and you’re set.

Between us we managed to create a snowstorm of cinnamon and cover every surface in my brother’s new flat-eeek.

You can add cloves to the mix too but as I couldn’t find a pestle and mortar and the blender [bad idea] added to the above spicy mess so we ended up leaving them out.

I used rough quantities. When you have a 3 year old present, whose attention span is limited to 10 minute bursts it was Jamie Oliver style rather than Mary Berry. I added about half more cinnamon than apple sauce.


The fun bit. Get squishing the mixture. You want it to all come together. Not be too moist and runny nor to dry and firm. Don’t worry it’s quite forgiving.


Once mixed, roll out and use festive cookie cutters.


I used a lollipop stick to make holes before I pressed out the cinnamon dough. It helps to keep the shape.


Cook on a fairly low oven around 150c for about half an hour. I use ‘about’ as I burnt ours! I thought the cinnamon scent had a rather nose twisting tang! But as I said these are really forgiving and apart from the deeper brown colour in places the smell is still divine.


Once cool, thread with ribbon and adorn your tree or gifts for a mixed spice smell of Christmas.


I hope these provide a messy fun time before the final rush of Santa preparations.


Love ♡naomi

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