Santa Footprints

Last post before Santa arrives for many of you. 

My little lady is with her papa this Christmas so our festivities will be a little later. Ouf, it’s hard having divided time.

However, as most of you will be pouring the whiskey and slicing the carrots ready for your wonder inspired visitors I thought I’d post a last minute touch…


Mix a little flour and glitter and make Santa footprints either from your fireplace or front door. You could also go for reindeer prints.


As this is my brother’s flat and he only has a dustpan and brush I didn’t want to create a floury sticky mess that we’d spend the whole evening cleaning rather than getting our boxset viewing on! Here we come National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  Love that film.

Enjoy drinking that whiskey!

Have a wonderous evening and beautiful day tomorrow lovelies.


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