Christmas Stocking Tradition

Every Christmas morning without fail my parents would make sure that Santa left a satsuma and sugared mouse in my stocking.

The tradition continues and I’ve added my own. Last year I made Minou a stocking. It had a little pocket on the front to house the little mouse.

I thought about knitting one this year but I fear my skills maybe a little stretched so that will next for next year.

In fact as Christmas crept up on me I ended up making this at 10pm the night before everyone descended for Christmas! It was super straightforward and simple as I had no time for anything more. Still, it looks sweet and I’ve managed to improve on the overall shape. Last year it looked like a partly shrunk boot!

I measured the pattern size by Minou’s widest stocking gift. The trick is to slope the foot downwards rather than straight across. Cut out your pattern. Remember your seam allowance. If you fold your fabric you can cut both sides together. If not remember to make sure ‘right’ sides of the fabric are opposite.


I used some fabric leftover from her 2nd birthday dress. The photo doesn’t show it but it’s lovely ‘satiny’ fabric which has a slight stretch. For the pocket and top of the stocking I used a fleeced cotton sheet left over from when she was in a Moses basket.

I used the blanket hem for the top of the pocket so I only had to fold in the sides and bottom and top stitch around. I used a zigzag stitch as it looks more fun than a straight stitch. Sew your pocket on.

For the top of the stocking I again used the existing seam for the front and simply sewed over it to secure the fleece to the red fabric. However first you need to sew fleece inside the stocking so you have a nice finish.


Here is a drawing which I hope makes it a little clearer


Place fleece on top of red fabric so that the wrong sides of each fabric are facing you. Stitch the fleece to red fabric a little way down so that when you turn to over to the front of the stocking it is neat.

I then stitched over the existing hem on the right/front sides of the stocking.

Pin the wrong sides of the stocking together and sew.


Make small notches all around the curves so that other will have a neat edge when you turn inside out.


Voila, this years stocking next to last years.


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Did any of your littlies stir whilst Santa made his delivery?!


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