Milly’s Door ~ Christmas

Christmas was lovely this year as my minou really understood the concept of Santa. “We need to buy a chimney mama” she exclaimed one morning as her little thoughts had worked out that our house is chimneyless.

She reminded me that we needed to leave a drink for Santa and thoughtfully wanted to welcome him with homemade angel and star cheese straws. She wrote a note explaining the reindeer had a carrot and that she had prepared this veritable feast. Sweet girl.


Milly has been preparing for the festive period too.


She even left a little gift and tiny card for Minou on Christmas day


How it all began…

Enjoy your little urban fairies my friends.

Tonight my brother will be half munching on carrots~check, I need to step into someone’s shoes: Santa’s footprints ~ check,


[Sneaky reindeer came in to enjoy that carrot and Santa left a thank you note, polite Santa! I’m sad that the glitter doesn’t show up in the photo~ it looks darling]

If I’m quick enough I’ll get to enjoy that glass of whiskey, so on that note… a demain mes amis!


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