New Year. New Projects. New Theme.

This afternoon in a blizzard of pine needles we said adieu to our Christmas tree who had made a home here for the last 31 days.

It actually felt good to take down all the Christmas attire and reorder the house. A perfect cleanse for the New Year.

I was sad to say goodbye to family and the house seemed so quiet. I think it threw the minou and me both off kilter as in the wake there was a spectacular tantrum and at one point I was ready to just join in.

However, now that the sun has set and I’m sat here in my freshly rearranged lounge a feeling of calm has returned. I’m going to plan some future projects and then tuck into the left over stilton soaked in a little port and finish off this merlot over a good dose of bbc iplayer.


I like to have a time of reflection at New Year. Think about goals for the coming year and ponder over the paths for the future. The latter seems less relevant as I feel this year will be about the present.

Its important to me to have a personal/family theme for the year. At the moment I’m veering towards ‘connection’ or ‘joyful present’. But I haven’t had enough time to think, pray and meditate about it so we will see.

One thing is for sure. I am excited about the projects I have in store.

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all feel ready to embark on 2013. Lets go [in a flurry of thread, yarn, tantrums, singing and a dollop of glue to hold it all together]


Made me this of this post I wrote a while ago…


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