Winter Warmer ~ Snuggly Dressing Gown

I live in a house. Before that I lived in many flats. The relevance of this I will explain. I had quite forgotten how chilly downstairs can become as all your lovely warm air rises up the stairwell. So at present we snuggle in warm beds heated from the day and freeze for the first half hour in the morning. After we wake we bundle into the kitchen, shut the door and throw open the curtains to let the low, meek sun warm the room.

I haven’t worked out an effective radiator heating strategy. It surely can’t be too hard but as it doesn’t involve stitching, gluing or casting on, its not my forte. So my answer to such problems: make a dressing gown! Work to your skills they say!

I found this lovely fabric from my second home. [Eeek, having just searched their website for you, my lovely readers, I have just become aware that there are two other shops! Oh dear, dangerous]. They have a selection of either Cath Kidston  ‘end of range’ stock or similar patterns. Either way, it’s gorgeous. I have lined it with a brushed cotton in letterbox red which is so soft you’d think it was a tiny kitten.


I was bought Making Children’s Clothes by Emma Hardy by my lovely maman a couple of years ago. I had thumbed the pages and looked longingly at each design. Finally, I found the courage to give it a go. I borrowed my mum’s machine and started simply with a scarf. One scarf turned into several which turned into hats, trousers, tops, dresses, ponchos and finally this dressing gown. It is a great ‘first-time’ sewers book. The designs are straightforward – the dressing gown was 6 steps. Seriously.  And they range from very straightforward to more detailed. My only critique would be that some of the sizing can be a little off [but that may be my cutting skills].


You can make some darling items and although the cover looks focused on girls dresses and skirts there are several patterns for boys trousers etc.

Let me know if you have this book and what you have made. Any tips or insights into how you cut your fabric would be welcome in this home.


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