Story Stones/Playtime Pebbles

These can be a perfect little gift or simply sweet to look at [and play with when no one is looking]. They’re lovely for inspiring imaginative play.

Join me in making your own. You will need:

→ Pebbles or stones from your garden or picked up as you walk from here to there
→ Paint samples [stashed in a forgotten drawer]
→ Stickers or paper patterns you like [you’ll need glue to adhere these to the stones]
→ Varnish or in true crafty style rummage around until you remember that large nail polish selection and find yourself some clear varnish
→ A little tin or box you can home them in once complete
→ Fabric or pretty paper to decorate their home
→ Some good music to pass the time as you wait for the paint to dry [cue Brett Dennen, Emmy Lou Harris or Bon Iver]


Paint your little pebbles the colours of your choice. Once dry add your sticker. Varnish.

In progress:


In more detail:


Decorate your box. Place your pebbles tenderly inside.


Enjoy and have fun!



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