Valentine Heart Transparencies

A little project for little hands.

In trying to use up my stash of transparencies we had a valentine themed activity.

You will need:

→ Transparencies and paper
→ Permanent pens
→ Floor or table cover mat [permanent pens and carpets are not best friends!]
→ Scissors
→ Hole punch
→ String or ribbon
→ Cup of tea

I drew some heart shapes on paper and placed the transparency on top.


Let your littlie colour and trace their own hearts. Lovely for practicing fine motor skills.


Together or solo cut out your hearts.


Then hang wherever your hearts desire!


She was so proud to see her hearts hanging on her mobile in her room. I have a feeling these may stay here all year round. 

These dont have to just be for littlies…I’m sure some elaborate and beautiful ones could be made by adults. Have fun!


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