Valentine Heart Wreath

For those of us that are missing the decor and splendour of Christmas and are slightly resisting the pull of 2013, I have a perfect something to straddle the gap.

The warmth of yarn, the rich colour associated with Christmas and l’amour,  tied together in a heart shaped wreath.


To join me on this craft delight you will need:

→ Yarn
→ Heart shaped wreath. I found this in QD.
You may be able to fashion a heart with ‘chicken’ wire from a DIY shop.
→ A glass of Merlot [just don’t spill it on your cream rug like me] and the last of the Quality Street.

There are no complicated steps to explain as you just simply wrap the yarn around your wreath.


Keep going until all is covered. I used a knitting needle to thread the yarn into the back but you can jam it in with your fingers just as effectively!


With your beautiful Valentine’s inspired wreath choose a location to show it off and embrace the winter months.


I may add it on our photo wall or hang it outside…


It looks so sweet with the Christmas lanterns that I think I will make them span the two festivities.


Please excuse the strange marks on my door. Yes, I am that woman who cleans her door so it looks cute in a photo! As the light was fading I had to snap shots quickly and had no time to dry it down. Clean door fail.


I have 2 hearts left still to decorate. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

Any plans chez vous to decorate the Valentine’s month?


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