Milly’s Door ~ Gift

We’ve been away for a few days. I had a minor operation and needed some r&r. It was delightful. I was truly weighted on by maman (thank you x). It reminded me of the first days after giving birth.  Slow. Gentle. Sore. Emotional.

We’re now back home and life will start to return to its previous steady pace.

I love the first day back at home after a break. I find that I re-familiarise myself with all my favourite things. I hunt out the best coffee mug. I snuggle more tightly in my duvet. I turn my lamps on and enjoy the light.

My Minou went to her little door. She tugged at my hand and asked me to join her. Together we knelt on the floor and tapped gently. “I think she has made a cake with the milk mama” she told me [Milk Delivery]. She left and quickly reappeared with a careful selection of gifts. A toy to enjoy. Two letters to open. A doll to love. A fine piece of thread to use as a skipping rope and a sock [stocking] for these gifts. She informed me that tonight we were to be Milly’s Santa. Sweet girl.

So here are her offerings:


As I tiptoed upstairs that evening I noticed that Milly had taken the presents away to enjoy. She had left a little card in their place, communicating her joy on receiving such an assortment of treats.


Oh the fun!


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