Altered Trousers

I have owned these pair of warm brown  wool mix trousers since 2002. Yep, 11 years! They have a fetching late 90’s wide leg look. To be honest they never fitted perfectly but they were a steal in a discount shop sale. And warm. In winter you can never be too warm. I recently dragged them out from the back of my wardrobe and wore them to work. I dressed quickly in the cold chilly air and didn’t second glance in the mirror..until I got home. Ghastly. They were about to be confined to my scrap fabric box when my maman reminded me that I was going to practice altering clothes~perfect opportunity. 


So here is a wee tutorial in case you have a decade old pair of trousers that could benefit from some love and an upcycle to 2013!

Lay out your trousers and over the top lay your favourite fitting trousers. Draw around these. I actually used Minou’s crayola pens as they’re washable and showed up nicely!


Either draw yourself a hem line or sew a little to the edge of your pen line. Try on for fit and make any alterations needed.

Cut off excess fabric.


Voilà. Yep, it really is that straightforward. I managed to get these done in Minou’s quiet time after lunch so they are a quick project. 



I must hunt through the rest of my wardrobe now. 


Do tell me about your alterations…


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