Ahoy Me Hearties! Making a Pirate Ship From Household Items

The last couple of days I have heard this phrase many a time. Usually coupled with a whirl of little legs running around trying to find treasure. She would clutch at scraps of paper retrieved from the bin and follow her treasure map with great determination.

Alas, my craft heart needed no more encouragement. Out with the coffee! Prepare the table! Ahoy a map shall be made this day I announced ~ with probably more enthusiasm than necessary.

We stained our paper with coffee and left it to dry until the morning.

You will need:

→ Moses basket or laundry basket
→ wooden ‘oar’ spoons
→ twine, rope, ribbon
→ a weight for your anchor [my little eiffel tower]. This provided so much fun!


→ treasure ‘mama’s least delicate jewellery’ and coins


→ blue sheet or blanket for rough seas
→ yellow sheet or blanket for buried treasure on sandy beaches


→ toy crocodiles


→ teabag dipped in coffee
→ paper
→ matches or a lighter
→ bowl of water handy in case anything should get out of hand
→ a mug of coffee as the smell of coffee stained paper is enticing
→ pens
→ pirate companions, brave dolls and teddies
→ toilet roll telescope for spying land and snapping crocodiles

The next morning we assessed our paper and she set to work drawing a map. Land, water, 2 dolls, a Hello Kitty and a dog to partake in the adventure were all drawn onto the sheet.


With some horror she then watched me burn her precious drawing around the edges for that perfect authenticity. She insisted it then needed to be rolled into a scroll.


A few photos snapped and then we assembled our items. Ahoy a ship was born.


As the afternoon progressed we discovered that pirates also need an [unlit!] candle for exploring dark caves and keys to rescue each other from said caves.

I’m just not sure how I’m going to convince her that we’ll have to put it away tonight!


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