A Spoonful of Blogs Make The Day Go Well ~ Doodlemum

I thought I might try a new theme for a while…offering you links to blogs I love. There is nothing more fun than stumbling across a blog that either has you moved to tears, laughter, crafting or baking.

So I thought I’d share the joy.

First up is a blog I have just found through WordPress recommendations and oh I’m so glad it did.

Angie Stevens of Doodlemum is a perfect pick me up blog.  She captures daily moments in drawing. Somehow they are simplicitic and detailed all at once. I have smiled many times as the pencil marks represent moments in life that ring true.

Attack of the fluffies.

Nothing beats walking into a room to find your children have assembled every single one of their fluffy toys for a picnic. And it’s bedtime.


Attack of the fluffies

Have a look. It’s a lovely daily drop in. No text. Just images. Beautiful.


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