Whipping Up a Frozen Fruit Yogurt Treat…

We have been having such lazy mornings chez nous.

I’ve been letting little Minou stay up late and let our slumber drag well into the morning hours.  I have no idea how we will both get back into our usual rhythm.

We didn’t get ourselves downstairs at any respectable time the other morning. In fact I’m too embarrassed to say how late. Needless to say breakfast had to quickly be turned into brunch.

My little Minou requested a sizeable bowl of porridge that Oliver would have envied beyond belief. Once that was finished and my bread supply aptly diminished she stated “I still humbry”. So I rooted around and whipped up a fruit yogurt treat.  Wholesome, good and tasty. I use the term “whipped up” with relish and joy as it is rarely the case in my kitchen that anything can be claimed to be ‘whipped up’. For maybe the third time ever, I actually managed to produce something tasty from pretty bare cupboards. Usually I need a solid recipe, a purposeful grocery shop and much planning.

So. Here’s how it was “whipped up!”:


→ Frozen fruit [which has been sat in my freezer for months and months and fortunately was still in date by three]
→ Frozen yogurt. I may make more by freezing icecubes of yogurt.
→ Whole milk
→ Blender
→ Spoon
→ A good Radio 4 programme in the background


Blend it all up nicely. We kept the milk to a minimum [we ran out, the other carton was still frozen and I wasn’t going to gouge it out the tiny opening…can you see now why this ‘whipping up’ was so impressive!] as a result it had spoon scooping texture to perfection.


Eat and enjoy.


See our Breakfast Smoothie here x

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