Eeek! I’m a Finalist!

Very exciting news today…

I entered a photographic competition held by the interesting, diverse and funny blog: Field Notes From Fatherhood.


I nearly required the assistance of a friend when I read ‘about us’ [and the comment about 16 ways to make things with used dental floss] as I had a mouthful of coffee which resulted in a half swallow/half choke/splutter laugh].

I found out today I’m one of the finalists!

Please take a look at the photos and vote for the one that warms/excites/moves your soul!

For my blogasphere lovelies the otherside of the pond they’ll be posted in the evening. For my European blogasphere lovelies it’ll be in the wee hours and finally for those to the East of this little Isle it’ll be your middayish. Oooh no idea if I have that right! Never been my forte: currency or timezones.

The winner will get a print, of their choice, by the fabulous Kevin Dyer.


You can have a look at his photography on his website: A World In Focus.

Eeee. I’m so excited [does a funny jig in the cold kitchen].

Hope you’ve all had a lovely day/morning/evening. Excuse me whilst I go back to finishing that little jig and vague hip hop moves that even my daughter would be embarrassed to witness.


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