Melted Beaded Decoration Fail. An ‘I Hate Craft Day’, Day.

Urgh. That is how the last couple of day have felt. I lost my mojo somewhere. I seriously just couldn’t seem to wake up properly until after midday and then, like now, wide awake until the early hours.

So in keeping with the mood I thought I’d post a craft fail!

I intended for us to create lovely hanging decorations from gently melted beads, the colour of Mediterranean seas, formed into the shapes of sweet animals and hearts. Ah the irony. Alas. It was not so.

It didn’t help that my eye was uncomfortable from the operation. My head hurt every time I needed to move my eyeball,


[I have no delightful photos of the final result so here’s a ‘poor eye me’ photo instead. I’ll spare you an actual eye shot -its not pretty and I don’t want to put you off your breakfast!]

Anyway this all added to the stinky mood I was in – where patience is thin and the coffee isn’t cutting it. Also my Minou, as ever, has been in an exceptionally inquisitive mood this week. [I love that. I love that she asks questions. I love that she thinks these things up].. but that day. “Why?” came after every comment, every utterance.

So. To lift the mood and be productive I busted out this craft I’d had tucked away for a crappy, rainy, snowy day. I’d give you the ‘join us’ list but trust me it isn’t worth it.

The low down.

→The beads went everywhere. Every hole, nook and cranny in my kitchen. I still haven’t got them all up.
→ The cookie cutters kept moving and spilt the beads more.
→ The parchment paper wouldn’t hold to the cutter.
→ The parchment paper burnt and nearly set off the fire alarm.
→ The beads I had bought were frigging glass and therefore could have spent a week in a desert before melting.
→ The coffee burnt and the milk frother, frothed it over all the work surface.

It was just one of those days. You get those?

Anyway. Here’s to another day and another craft project [that will not involve beads for a very long time].


P.s anyone have any use for mixed up, annoyingly small, glass beads? Take them away from me.


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