Questions I Never Expected To Answer

I set out to for this to predominately be a crafting blog. However, I have to share some of the questions I am fielding here, from the little 3 year old that throws me curve balls at any given moment.

Any sage advice/knowledge that I should have learnt at school, would be welcome.

Okay here goes.

Aged 2 and a half:

Where do baby dogs come from? Followed by where do babies come from?
Yes, 2 and a half years old, people. New parents- do not get lulled into a false sense of “ahh I’ve got years to prepare *that* answer”. No. No you haven’t. Learn from me. Prepare and do not mention eggs. It’s too early. They’re too young. Plus you’ll put them off hen eggs for a while.

Why is the sky blue?
Try and answer that right now. Go on I dare you, try it. Oh, do it whilst navigating and driving London roads too.
Ahh dear. I thought it was something to do with the spectrum,  prisms, light distortion and rainbows.  But I was hazy and how in the world to you go from there to straightforward and comprehensible?.. People, this is not another one of my fortes.

What is rain?
Thankfully that was one of the better ones. I felt like a CBBC presenter on that one. My geography came back to me in a flash and interestingly a picture I had drawn on the process of precipitation.  Wahoo. Yeah, get me. I’ll revel in this one, as it’s the only one that was worthy.


Then I got:
When I older can I touch the clouds?
That was just adorable. A brief discussion about why ladders weren’t tall enough followed. But mainly I was seeping into the car seat in mushy love…And trying to memorise her narrative to write it down later.

Why do wheels move cars?
I put this to my family who proceeded in telling me its the chassis or motor or ‘something’, rather than the wheels. Hey. Again I went too complicated.  I can’t help it. I was transported back to my physics class with that very scary teacher. I felt the pressure, words were coming out as my brain tried to scramble together a cognisant understanding.  Um,  friction, um heat, um round, round things roll. Heck. Cars need wheels to roll on?!? That was it. Best I’ve got.

Me: What do you think mama was like as a baby? [I walked right into this one]
Minou: a baby...then a look of horror crossed her face…if you was a baby who would be my mama?!
Me: I am always your mama.
Minou: how can babies be mamas?
Me: Well, no, when I was a baby you weren’t born.
Minou: Who was I with?
Return to question 1 or try and explain souls and love and faith and…

A few others thrown into the mix:
→ Why can’t we eat poo poo?

→ What are those on your face? [Spots. Nice. Thanks]

→ What are pigs made of? What are dogs made of? What are [insert any old Mac Donald creature here] made of?

→ What is glass made of? [Insert any material or object here and repeat x20]

→ Why are we late?

→ What you doing/eating [again insert any activity, gift or food treat that you are secreting here]

And finally today.

What are laws?
Seriously, law?! Where?  What?!
Actually this one wasn’t too bad. I’ve learnt to control that classroom transportation “argghh I’ve no idea and I’ve been picked to explain” syndrome. My daughter now knows the word ‘research’, why Google exists and that it is the font of all knowledge after we’ve exhausted mine. She aptly informed me that we should look on my phone when we got home. Hummm, so maybe my answer wasn’t that good after all!

I have a feeling there will be many more of these to come.

Parents out there. Prep me. What should I revise?! What other classics are out there that are ripe for the asking? Ah the joys.


8 thoughts on “Questions I Never Expected To Answer

  1. judithkingston

    A friend of mine had a new satnav with a soothing female voice giving directions. Her five year old wanted to know who that lady was. Thankfully, she was spared the need for an answer as her son instantly came up with one himself: “Oh, I know, it’s Mrs Christmas of course, because she and Father Christmas are the only people who know where everyone lives.” That one might come in handy some day…

  2. myidlethumbs

    While walking on the beach, my cousin (aged 5) asked his Mother: “Why are those two men holding hands?” She drew breath to explain that they probably loved each other and that girls and boys, girls and girls and boys and boys could all fall in love, that there are many types of family etc.

    Before she could even begin he had dispensed with her wisdom and answered his own question.

    “Ah” he said, “they must have run out of ladies.”

    He wandered off to pick up a stick or something as she looked on bemused and wondering whether she should try and carry on the conversation…

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  4. Claudia

    I love that – what are laws?! I’m a lawyer and I still would have to think about how to answer that to a 3 1/2 year old! My two year old is still at the “do you like milk?” stage. 🙂


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