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Sometimes our days just consist of this:



And my house looks like this:

Sometimes 1


Sometimes its not always Degas, glitter and sewing, just saying.

Sometimes we stay in jammies, snuggle down, eat porridge for dinner and mooch about all day. We need those days. Everyone needs those days.


naomi x

Doodle Mum Competition

Over at one of our favourite blogs today there is a little competition to win DoodleMum’s newly published book! So I just had to enter a little doodle of our own. I decided to pair up with my little minou to make it less daunting! 

We decided to draw each other in situ. 

So here she is playing Sylvanian Families. And here I am eating breakfast (I was in fact sitting in the lounge but hey you’ve got to allow for artistic expression right?!)



We wrote our descriptions and added a little border. I think she was inspired by the workshop she did with Herve Tullet (his books) at the Southbank Centre over the weekend as she added sweet dots in my circles. 




naomi x



Weather Cards ~ Now We Can All Be Weather Presenters (with free printables)

What’s the weather where you are?


We made these cute weather charts to sit by our window. My minou loves to change them around when we get a blizzard of snow or howling winds.

I introduced the topic of weather with a little book about clothes you need to wear in particular weather. We also have a science book which, although it is too complicated at the moment, has some nice photographs and images to look through. Check out some of these books to add to your collection.

What  you need:

– Printer

– (ideally access to a) Laminator

– Pens

– Glue

– Glitter

– an ice lolly or hot mug of hot chocolate (weather dependant of course)

Print out the free weather cards (StormyRainyWindySunnySnowy) and find an afternoon for messy time. My minou has a love/love relationship with glitter so any project where this can be involved – we do! Sparkle your sun, light up your lightning. I wrote the weather at the bottom and she added her own description too.

If you can laminate these they will be much more durable as they will get handled a lot. I took some pennies into work for the petty cash box and voilà. If your workplace/library doesn’t have one then you may be able to do this on the high street. As you can see from the photos, our stormy card has soaked up some water over the year (mainly due to our window with bad condensation)!

We have these sat by our window ready for peering out to assess our clothes choice and weather card. I am a little obsessed by the weather. I am one of those people who will check my weather app before getting dressed. So changeable, I hate being cold!

I’ll leave you with a cute quote of the day: The other morning (before Mr Sun had woken up) minou had looked through the previously mentioned science books. Later, she was telling me about this and pointed to a photograph of lightning “Its a broken moon, mama”.

Enjoy the free printables and do let me know if you have any problems opening the documents as I can always email them to you.

naomi x

Bath Time Fun with Glo Sticks! Yes Glo Sticks!


Sometimes you just have to party. Once in a while the usual and mundane needs to be spruced up. 


If the day has dragged on or you want a fun activity mid afternoon to raise spirits and excite little souls find yourself some glo sticks at the £ shop. 

Run your bath, bubbles and all. Snap those little glo sticks until they shine and glimmer. Then turn off the lights and disco


Remind them not to bend or snap the sticks, they must not break, you don’t want a glowing baby/child!



Don’t worry the bathroom wasn’t pitch black, they give off more light than the photo implies!

Post bath, dry them off and place them on a shelf in their bedroom =nightlight fun for two nights. 


Have fun lovelies









Tchaikovsky & Degas…Music & Art for Little Artists

My musical taste I’m afraid isn’t too vast. I’m usually listening to Radio 4 otherwise it’s Capital for my pop fix, Radio 6 Music for Sundays and YouTube for everything in-between. However, dancing and music is a big part of life around here at the moment.

Little minou regularly slips on her ballet shoes, declares she needs to wear a dress, turns all the dials on various musical mobiles, toys and devices in her room and proceeds to perform a darling dance.

Today I had to join “the audience” on her bed to watch a show whilst affirming her ballet moves. “Splits” she would announce with one leg in a bent form behind her and her still chubby leg barely managing to balance in such a pose. “Plié!” , “pirouette!”, I would call out in vague memories of mirror walled rooms.

This audience participation all began with us watching Swan Lake as I tried to explain the music on one of her musical toys. We talked about different aspects of the performance from the emotion conveyed to the characters and plot line. She was transfixed. A princess! Who is that dragon?! Ohhh is she now the swan princess? Is she sad now? She was totally taken with the movement, music and outfits. We are seriously responsible for a lot of those views on YouTube!

This naturally led into an exploration of Degas! Hee hee writing that makes me laugh. It sounds so tenuous and random written down! Honestly there is a link! We looked through my A level art books (hoarding has its benefits!).

Degas' Ballerinas

We looked at the different drawings Degas had created of ballerinas. I got out my A level oil pastels (they are actually that old!) and she drew her own ballerina with a little help for the tutu. She wanted to add stickers to represent the flowers so we went all mixed-media.

Oil Pastel Degas and Swan Lake

We hunted out some old clothes pegs and made our own Odette and Prince Siegfried. We coloured their faces with pens and made outfits from fabric scraps. Pipe cleaners made some rather dubious limbs but she liked them as she could change them to “Splits!”

Clothes Peg and Pipe Cleaner Ballerinas

We may attempt a Van Gogh (without any lost ears), my favourite, Seurat or even a Pollock, I think his technique will lend itself to fun child friendly techniques-I’ll just have to find some dust sheets first!

So, if you see us walking around with extra layers of clothes i.e jumper, shorts and a dress, like at church today, you can safely assume there was a ballet performance at some point earlier.

Some lovely links to enjoy:

Go to the National Gallery on Sundays for a Magic Carpet Storytelling

Visit the MoMA Art Lab: People if you are the other side of the pond (and in NY!)

Enjoy a fabulous evening watching the glorious Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House 

with the Bolshoi Ballet

I’m a firm believer in Google and Wiki as my external knowledge sources so look at Degas paintings here if you don’t have quite the same hoarding tendencies as me.

Enjoy, naomi x