Improving your photography: Newborn Portraits.

So your new bundle has arrived and you want to record every moment of their existence, your camera is working over time. But the photos are not coming out as they appeared in your head. What’s a budding photographer to do? Read on for some hints.

1. Get the best lighting. At this stage it’s best to make sure the lighting is even. You can certainly play with light and shadows but the results can be a little less predictable.
– Take photos during the day when your house is well, lit. Find the best lit room in your house (even if it is the bathroom or kitchen), and create a little area you can lie your baby.
– Windows should be behind you, with no other windows appearing in the photo.
                                                                     Position the Light

2. Remove objects from near your baby (that might appear in the photo) and have them wear clothes which free of logos and patterns. Even a simple baby-gro is a goo
d outfit. If your baby doesn’t mind being naked though, turn the heat up and take their clothes off for a more natural look.
                                                                   Remove Distractions

3. Move your body! Go for different angles. Go in close (but not so close your camera can’t focus). Try photographing feet and toes, hands and fingers. Try and keep the baby in the background though otherwise you risk the disembodied hand look.
                                                                      Change Angles
Pay Attention to Clothing

4. There is a setting on you
r camera called the ISO, make that as low as possible for clear smooth images. If it is too dark then you will have to increase the no. but that means you will have more grainy images. Even my camera phone allows me to set the ISO (but precious little else) and then it will adjust the rest of the settings to deal with that.

5. Focus well. Bad focus can ruin an otherwise good picture. As previously mentioned, being too close to the model will make it hard for camera to focus, so make sure you are the correct distance.
Try and focus on nearest eye or eyelash. If you are photographing other parts of the body, it is usually easiest to focus on the nearest body part but you can play around with this for interesting effects.
The best thing that you can do is practice, practice, practice. Feel free to break the rules too! All the newborn photos above were from one photo shoot and they made it in to the final selection I gave the parents, even though they broke my rules occasionally – I still liked them. I still thought about them, there are memories in imperfections.

Thanks to fiftytwocreate for letting me guestblog here today, to my nieces for posing for the lighting photos (I hadn’t got a sufficient example from the newborn shoot) and also to baby Naomi, my newborn model and her family for letting me use these photos! 

And an even bigger thank you from me to the lovely Evie. She taught me all I know about photography and one of my fondest holidays was our ‘photography break’ getting up each day at 4am to catch the morning light. If you want to read more or fill your eyes with lovely photographs you can find her here at Got Passion?

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