Child Activities ~ Interlude

With my eye not quite allowing me to resume my previous sewing endeavours I thought I’d blog a few child activities over the next week.


Here are some upcoming posts:

→ Numbers
Some of the best games you’ll ever play. [Okay maybe a slight over sell, but we love it].

→ Quiet Time Boxes
Glorious ways for ensuring a little peace and quiet for a while. Put the kettle on my friends, that cuppa is yours to enjoy in full.

→ Art and Artists
Ola, I have a little Degas in the room.

→ Scavenger Hunts
Perfect for enjoying a little walk. Great for when they insist on walking rather than the buggy/back carry.

→ Paint Bags
The best thing about these are that they sound a faff and messy but they’re not! Win win. Fanastic for when you’re washing up or catching up with a friend on the phone.

→ Weather Charts
Sun, rain, snow…

→ Glo Stick fun
You’ll have to wait and see what this is about…



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