Sewing Little Slippers Like the Shoe Maker’s Elves ~ Part 1

I have been meaning to start and finish this sewing project for A.G.E.S.

Initially,  I was going to make sheepskin slipper boots as I had a spare piece of sheepskin lying around [like us sewing fanatics do!] but unfortunately it was too thick to fit under my sewing machine foot.

So I re-thought and decided on felt slippers with a suede/leather sole.

The Minou chose her sole colour [think of ripe strawberries mixed with a few drops of cerise pink].

I got as far as a paper template,  which I then fashioned into two fabric templates [one huge, one just right].

That was many weeks ago. Finally, I cut out the actual fabric and made a start.


As it was so long since making the pattern I forgot to add my seam allowance!  So annoying, we’ll see if they turn out too small.

This is only part 1 as I have a way to go yet. Hopefully I will finish them sooner rather than later or else they certainly won’t fit!


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