Bath Time Fun with Glo Sticks! Yes Glo Sticks!


Sometimes you just have to party. Once in a while the usual and mundane needs to be spruced up. 


If the day has dragged on or you want a fun activity mid afternoon to raise spirits and excite little souls find yourself some glo sticks at the £ shop. 

Run your bath, bubbles and all. Snap those little glo sticks until they shine and glimmer. Then turn off the lights and disco


Remind them not to bend or snap the sticks, they must not break, you don’t want a glowing baby/child!



Don’t worry the bathroom wasn’t pitch black, they give off more light than the photo implies!

Post bath, dry them off and place them on a shelf in their bedroom =nightlight fun for two nights. 


Have fun lovelies









2 thoughts on “Bath Time Fun with Glo Sticks! Yes Glo Sticks!

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