Doodle Mum Competition

Over at one of our favourite blogs today there is a little competition to win DoodleMum’s newly published book! So I just had to enter a little doodle of our own. I decided to pair up with my little minou to make it less daunting! 

We decided to draw each other in situ. 

So here she is playing Sylvanian Families. And here I am eating breakfast (I was in fact sitting in the lounge but hey you’ve got to allow for artistic expression right?!)



We wrote our descriptions and added a little border. I think she was inspired by the workshop she did with Herve Tullet (his books) at the Southbank Centre over the weekend as she added sweet dots in my circles. 




naomi x



2 thoughts on “Doodle Mum Competition

  1. judithkingston

    Was the workshop good? I almost went to the Southbank Centre last week but decided not to in the end, as I was afraid it would be a horrendously busy let down. Esp as the children are a bit too little to be allowed into many of the activities.


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