Weather Cards ~ Now We Can All Be Weather Presenters (with free printables)

What’s the weather where you are?


We made these cute weather charts to sit by our window. My minou loves to change them around when we get a blizzard of snow or howling winds.

I introduced the topic of weather with a little book about clothes you need to wear in particular weather. We also have a science book which, although it is too complicated at the moment, has some nice photographs and images to look through. Check out some of these books to add to your collection.

What  you need:

– Printer

– (ideally access to a) Laminator

– Pens

– Glue

– Glitter

– an ice lolly or hot mug of hot chocolate (weather dependant of course)

Print out the free weather cards (StormyRainyWindySunnySnowy) and find an afternoon for messy time. My minou has a love/love relationship with glitter so any project where this can be involved – we do! Sparkle your sun, light up your lightning. I wrote the weather at the bottom and she added her own description too.

If you can laminate these they will be much more durable as they will get handled a lot. I took some pennies into work for the petty cash box and voilà. If your workplace/library doesn’t have one then you may be able to do this on the high street. As you can see from the photos, our stormy card has soaked up some water over the year (mainly due to our window with bad condensation)!

We have these sat by our window ready for peering out to assess our clothes choice and weather card. I am a little obsessed by the weather. I am one of those people who will check my weather app before getting dressed. So changeable, I hate being cold!

I’ll leave you with a cute quote of the day: The other morning (before Mr Sun had woken up) minou had looked through the previously mentioned science books. Later, she was telling me about this and pointed to a photograph of lightning “Its a broken moon, mama”.

Enjoy the free printables and do let me know if you have any problems opening the documents as I can always email them to you.

naomi x

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