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Easter Eggs

I wanted to start by saying ‘on a lazy Saturday afternoon’ but this is me and my days are jam packed, crammed full to bursting so on said afternoon we’d already been to Rolls and Rems and then completed another errand elsewhere (must work on stuffing less into each day).

So, on one crazy, hectic, rushed yet pleasant day we finally sat down in the kitchen with a friend ready to decorate eggs.

Step 1 - Coloured Eggs

Step 2 - Coloured Eggs

Step 3 - Coloured Eggs

Step 4 - Coloured Eggs

Egg Colouring

Extra notes:

– For littlies don’t worry about aesthetics and make the holes in their eggs quite large as there is nothing more despondent than them blowing their hearts out to find no egg has even attempted to exit.

– If you want your egg to shine rub some oil on it post colouring.

– You can create patterns by putting stickers on the shell pre-colouring or by using permanent pens post-colouring.

Finally hang with ribbon or place in a little bowl as a centre piece.

Enjoy decorating & Happy Easter
naomi x

Mini Series Live

My patchwork quilt series is now live! The first video is up to view: Mini Series part 1.

Patchwork Quilt Design 2

Happy Good Friday!

I hope you spend it happy wherever  you are and whoever you are with x

naomi x

Patchwork Quilting – A Mini Series

I’m getting a little addicted to video tutorials!

I just find videos so helpful when learning a new craft or skill. Here is a snap shot of some of the things I have YouTube’d over the years :
– How to change a washing machine seal
– How to break into your own car (believe it or not these videos exist and nb. It didn’t work-had to call out rescue people)
– How to drill into tiles
– How to increase a knitting stitch
And then the usual:
– A good old Jessica Simpson song (I know!)

So as a way of giving back to the community and to log my own learning I’ve made a couple of beginners’ guides here and here.

As some of you know I’m exploring the amazing world of quilting. If patchwork has been singing your name or you’ve always fancied recreating your nanna’s blanket I’m going to be doing a small series on making a sweet yet straightforward patchwork quilt.

Patchwork Quilt Design 2

Subscribe to my YouTube account at FiftyTwoCreate to easily see the most recent video whenever you go to YouTube.

I’ve had a request to cover piping which I will do I once I’ve completed the quilt. If there is anything you want explained in more detail or another topic just let me know.

Use the Easter holiday weekend to dust off your sewing machine and make a quilt of your own.

naomi x

P.s Thank you for voting on the patchwork design. Structured was in the lead at 65% and the controlling perfectionist in me liked the order so I mapped out a coordinated design.Patchwork Quilt Design I have looked at the results again more recently and the voting how now swayed to ‘haphazard’! So those of you who liked that one – a perfect excuse to make your own x


Beginner’s Guide To Sewing Essentials

Just recently I spent a day in sewing heaven at the Twisted Thread Knitting and Sewing show. Be still my heart. I took my carefully saved pennies and stood like a child in a sweet shop at each stall. Eventually after much deliberation (and a little bartering) I handed over my coins for some sewing luxuries. Be still my soul. (You can see them here)

I took a class on dressmaking and pattern design by The Sewing Rooms and it was A.mazing. I really recommend them.

There were stalls and stalls with so much fabric you could have buried yourself underneath and hibernated. I bought half a metre of some dreamy Michael Miller (my love affair fabric designer) for Spring cushions in my home from Fabrics Galore. Because everyone loves Paris in the Springtime right, and French Kiss.

(C - 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

(C – 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

Look at this fun British postage stamp print fabric

Or this darling bird print that has a Japanese vibe

And don’t get me started on this beautiful Atlas print *sigh*

I will definitely be going back in October for the next show so if you’re going too let me know!

Over the past year I have accumulated sewing ‘equipment’. Sewing shops stock a mighty array of goodies and tools that can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what you will need and what is a ‘treat’ purchase. I have slowly acquired my own items that have proven themselves to be worth their weight in silk. For those of you starting out or those of you who simply want to see the new sewing gems I now stroke and purr over before bedtime click here to see my new little video showing each item in its glory.

love and fabric swatches

naomi x


Things I Never Thought I’d Find

Over the last 40 months since sharing my life with this little girl I have come across all manner of items, objects and belongings in places I never expected.

Take the other evening as an example.  After I tucked her into bed and tiptoed towards the door, there wedged between the wall and our poorly fitted laminated floor boards was a crafting sticker and a little badge saying ‘smile’.

By Milly’s Door was a tiny green button and as I climbed into bed that night I found two dollies tucked up with me, dummies in place.


Things I Never Thought I'd Find

There have however, been less sweet things that I have come across. Unfortunately, there has been more than one occasion with palm outstretched, instead of receiving a small toy to hold, or snack to try, I have been handed bogies. Never a good thing. Strangely, retrieval of bogies when she was a babe-in-arms was a personal mission statement. When did it change?

The less glamorous have been the numerous Sylvanian Families or dolls or books or child snack bars or crayola pens that I have pulled out of my bag in a meeting. At work. Or other equally unsuitable environments.

I have found all manner of half eaten foodstuffs in the lounge *cringe*, an apple with 3 tiny mouthfuls chewed away. An animal biscuit I  shoved in my bag pocket, as the choo choo train arrived at the platform, which I then discovered a month later, crushed into crumbs so small it had infiltrated the bag lining.

My own knicker drawer has become infested with tiny Hello Kitty equivalents. Just how do they get there?! My bras get used as helmets (as teeny as the cup size may be!). Or post shower I hunt around only to find it being worn by my little 3 year old who prances up and down the hallway like a pantomime actress in hysterics shouting “bobes” at the top of her voice. Is there no sacred space or item that is just mine anymore?

Talking of space. I never thought I’d find myself wedged in-between the fridge door trying to quietly snaffle a chocolate square, or opening a packet of crisps in the front seat of the car painstakingly slowly so as not to be heard. My 3 year old now has the hearing of a hawk. I inadvertently trained that skill by these antics. “What’s that?!” she’ll declare as the crisp packet finally gives way. “What you eating?” she’ll ask as I try to nonchalantly enter the lounge with cheeks full, hamster style. So far, the answer “this is mama’s food/drink-its for adult teeth” has worked fine. But I know my days are numbered.


Probably the most terrifying thing I’ve had to find is the little 3 year old.

A Less Successful Hiding Place

A Less Successful Hiding Place


She has given me that out of body experience two times, too many. Once in a DIY shop (she was hidden behind a shower door), once in a playgroup (she was playing merrily in-between two sofas). Oh, and there was that time she hid REALLY well in our own home that I had to question whether I had actually birthed a child as she was nowhere to be seen (she had taken out a box in her shelving unit and hidden in its space). She has my skills in this department. I once hid so well that after an hour my parents had to walk through the house offering a chocolate bribe if I were to reveal myself.

Fun times.

naomi x