Patchwork Layout Decisions

Help me little blogging community.

This will be my first patchwork quilted blanket. The fabric is gorgeous. And I have sewers block.

This is always the hardest part of a project for me. The getting going. Once the first cut or stitch has been made, I’m away and you’ll have a job to tear me away from the machine for the next few hours. But getting going-argh!

So, a haphazard quilt? (Please excuse the quality of the photos)

Haphazard Patchwork Quilting

or a structured layout?

Structured Patchwork Quilting

Please make a little click below to vote x




Thank you!

naomi x

3 thoughts on “Patchwork Layout Decisions

  1. justheidi137

    I always love both haphazard and structured, so honestly the structured one still looks slightly haphazard because the fabrics you are using are similar if not the same color—- but different prints and I like that!!!! I go with the second one!

  2. judithkingston

    Ah, I like the haphazard one best! It has a coherence of its own that transcends structure. 🙂 But do you what you feel happiest with, of course.


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