Beginner’s Guide To Sewing Essentials

Just recently I spent a day in sewing heaven at the Twisted Thread Knitting and Sewing show. Be still my heart. I took my carefully saved pennies and stood like a child in a sweet shop at each stall. Eventually after much deliberation (and a little bartering) I handed over my coins for some sewing luxuries. Be still my soul. (You can see them here)

I took a class on dressmaking and pattern design by The Sewing Rooms and it was A.mazing. I really recommend them.

There were stalls and stalls with so much fabric you could have buried yourself underneath and hibernated. I bought half a metre of some dreamy Michael Miller (my love affair fabric designer) for Spring cushions in my home from Fabrics Galore. Because everyone loves Paris in the Springtime right, and French Kiss.

(C - 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

(C – 1248) Eiffel Tower by Michael Miller

Look at this fun British postage stamp print fabric

Or this darling bird print that has a Japanese vibe

And don’t get me started on this beautiful Atlas print *sigh*

I will definitely be going back in October for the next show so if you’re going too let me know!

Over the past year I have accumulated sewing ‘equipment’. Sewing shops stock a mighty array of goodies and tools that can be overwhelming if you’re not sure what you will need and what is a ‘treat’ purchase. I have slowly acquired my own items that have proven themselves to be worth their weight in silk. For those of you starting out or those of you who simply want to see the new sewing gems I now stroke and purr over before bedtime click here to see my new little video showing each item in its glory.

love and fabric swatches

naomi x


3 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide To Sewing Essentials

  1. Naomi

    Fab! Such a great idea putting padlocks through scissors handles. I definitely need to do that after recent events in my house with my best pair getting ruined by a boy! Loving the silicone bobbin holder too. Will be getting one of those. Plastic one does my head in. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks of the “wind the bobbin up” song. I find myself singing it in my head whenever I’m reloading a new bobbin! So sad 🙂

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