Easter Eggs

I wanted to start by saying ‘on a lazy Saturday afternoon’ but this is me and my days are jam packed, crammed full to bursting so on said afternoon we’d already been to Rolls and Rems and then completed another errand elsewhere (must work on stuffing less into each day).

So, on one crazy, hectic, rushed yet pleasant day we finally sat down in the kitchen with a friend ready to decorate eggs.

Step 1 - Coloured Eggs

Step 2 - Coloured Eggs

Step 3 - Coloured Eggs

Step 4 - Coloured Eggs

Egg Colouring

Extra notes:

– For littlies don’t worry about aesthetics and make the holes in their eggs quite large as there is nothing more despondent than them blowing their hearts out to find no egg has even attempted to exit.

– If you want your egg to shine rub some oil on it post colouring.

– You can create patterns by putting stickers on the shell pre-colouring or by using permanent pens post-colouring.

Finally hang with ribbon or place in a little bowl as a centre piece.

Enjoy decorating & Happy Easter
naomi x

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