Lets Colour the Seasons (with free printables)! Is it Winter or Spring? I’m Confused.

Seriously this weather! Snow at Easter! I’m just banking on it being a formidable summer.

[This is an extended post from a previous blog]

Last October Minou and I set about crafting up the autumn season. I’d seen some pins on pinterest that I wanted us to try out. She was initially more keen on playing either dollies or mamas and papas. However, mention glitter and she’s all yours! We’ve been talking about seasons recently so it was nice to make it more concrete and practical.

Pipe cleaner tree

We constructed a simple pipecleaner tree with added leaves and *glitter*

All you need:

– 3-4 Pipe cleaners
– Orange and green paper
– Glue
– Glitter and patience (for when a whole tub of glitter is accidentally spilt on the carpet)! Yes we walked that stuff into every room for about a month.

Pipe Cleaner Tree

Bend your pipe cleaners into shape and secure onto the card base (we just used masking/washi tape). Cut out some leaf shapes and glue to your tree and ground. Dab glue all over and sprinkle with glitter!

Colour in the seasons

Here are some more printables for you to enjoy and to supplement your weather cards.

All you need:
– Print out the cards (Autumn Season Card Spring Season Card Winter Season Card Summer Season Card)

– Colouring pens
– Glitter (optional)
Artistic licence

Autumn Season Card Coloured

Minou decided that the tree had to be pink. I love it! If you look closely you can probably see that we shared the colouring in!

We also made a cotton wool cloud with ribbon rain and hung it proudly in our window.

All you need:

– Cotton wool
– Blue ribbon
– A paper plate for the cloud base
– Glue
– Glitter


Cut out your cloud shape. Glue ribbon rain to plate. Cover liberally with glue and watch your littlie tear up cotton wool with glee and stick it down. We also added glitter because in this house you can NEVER have enough glitter. To hang we used clear fishing “wire”.

Have fun

naomi x

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