Scavenger Hunts

Toddler/littlie walking can be very s.l.o.w. They love to notice every new bud, pebble and earwig. I have to remember to enjoy this gentle pace. I naturally enjoy a fast pace of life so if I’m not careful I’m rushing and hurrying my littlie along and miss out on those moments. Plus we like walking. Good for the soul, good for the body.

The park is a 10-20 minute walk from our home depending on the fun to look at on the way. To embrace this journey we made a scavenger hunt of things to look out for along the way. I have since seen many elegant and sophisticated scavenger ideas on pinterest involving print out photos and egg cartons. This was not that. It is not a work of art. It is not even pretty. But it worked. Sometimes creativity is about an idea and making it work for you, in that moment.

So to join us:

Scavenger Hunt Card

This bad boy has lasted a year! I am impressed by the hardiness of that weed!

– grab a piece of card from the pizza takeaway box or the minutes from your last work meeting

– get a roll of Sellotape

– run outside whilst your littlie is grappling with their coat and pluck a weed, some grass, a pebble or piece of gravel and anything else in easy reach, run back inside to find coat on stairs, shoes on wrong feet and that littlie has found your chocolate stash.

– eat a chunk of chocolate whilst you tape down items from outside

– put your A’level art skills to the test by drawing an odd shaped bird, plane, car, clouds and tree. Living in the city I could have added a crane and digger, if you live in the country ummm err you could add other things…a duck, a tractor, the scent of healthy air?

– Add some shapes to extend the hunt as all items may be found in the first 5 minutes if you have a child with hawk eyes like my child

– find a bag (for all your finds, otherwise how will you hold and drink your coffee?)

– take your thermos of coffee and head out the door, bag and card in hand

Off you go. Hunt those beauties out.

Enjoy the stroll, sip your coffee and stare back nonchalantly at passer byes who look slightly frightened after you yelp in excitement at the sight of a ‘circle’ headlight! or “bird!, birdy! Look!”

Scavenger away

naomi x

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