Exploring Bath Caves and Discovering Glowing Bounty

Being an Explorer is a full time play career. No cave, lagoon or bath tub should be left undiscovered. Plus all Explorers need to practice their numerous abilities: opening locks; eating blueberries in sonic speed and deep sea glow stick diving.

Bird Decoration Key

So to enchant and exercise your little Explorer’s skills try the wondrous bath cave.
To join us you’ll need:

– a bath

– glow sticks (optional)

– bath dryer rack

– towels

– an adventurous spirit

Bath Cave Fun 1

If you cover your bath rack with lots of towels it will be dark enough inside your cave to have the bathroom light on and still see your glow sticks glow  – bonus.

Bath Cave Fun

We went exploring and deep sea diving together to find glowing treasure at the bottom of the lagoon. My little Explorer insisted we actually dive under the water to retrieve the bounty. She ran a tight ship. Her exploration involved hunting under water for treasure of a particular colour whilst pretending to be a baby. I admit at times I was confused and if I forgot the baby voice my finds were deemed unfit for the ship. It was certainly great for encouraging her ‘head under water’ confidence and umm well, my skills in keeping my contact lenses in place whilst trying to locate the blue glow sticks.

If you want to stay dry and leave the exploring to your littlie just keep an extra eye on their expedition in the cave as their imagination may be greater than their skills.

Have fun Explorers!

p.s Here is our first glow stick bath

p.p.s remember to tell your littlie not to snap or bend the glow sticks as you don’t want fluorescence children at the end of bathtime. Glowing in the dark children can never be a good thing when its bed time.

naomi x



2 thoughts on “Exploring Bath Caves and Discovering Glowing Bounty

  1. Kaira

    Did you break your glow sticks open and empty the contents into the water, or did you just put the entire glow stick in the water? I’ve been wanting to do a glow stick bath for my boys but I’ve not been clear about this. My friend cut hers open and splattered the glow stick fluid on her bathroom before getting it in the tub and the whole thing ended up being a disaster.

    1. Fifty Two Create Post author

      No, no I wouldn’t recommend cracking them open. I can only imagine that resulting in florescent children who glow in the dark for 3 days. I just pop them in as sticks and tell my littlie not to bend them. x


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