Bloglovin, yes I am feeling the love

Just a wee post to say I have found and wandered the virtual streets of Bloglovin and I am lovin it!

It is a great find in these last days of Google Reader. RIP my friend. and Hello! Bloglovin!


So for those of you already there, got the t-shirt and in on the hip happenings of the blogsphere you can now follow me with that little button down there, a bit further, yep right there at the bottom if you scroll past the last 5 posts.

For those of you like me, new to this. Let me tell you. Bloglovin is like a little WHSmith of your own. You can stack and sort your much read blogs. It is a way of keeping track of those blogs you want to remember to go back to and for those that you log into weekly (to have a little look click on the bloglovin images in this post or scroll on down to the follow button).

Amazing. Brilliant. Tidy and organised. The downside is –  bye bye to another half an hour, hour, evening of your life each week, night! Plus they have cute buttons:


You can even follow on twitter natch. @bloglovin

Blog heaven dreams

naomi x

9 thoughts on “Bloglovin, yes I am feeling the love

    1. Fifty Two Create Post author

      I found a blog that had a great tutorial. If I remember rightly go to widgets under appearance. Drag over the ‘text’ widget to the right and enter the code that bloglovin give you. Save and taa daa. I’ll try and look up that blog this evening as her directions were a little clearer than mine!

  1. this is lemonade

    I should check it out too – I love Google Reader but getting stuck early into something else before I’m cut off is a good idea I think. I’ve been trying Feedly, but don’t like it so much! Thanks for the tip 🙂


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