Quilting Mini Series – Un Problème

I haven’t forgotten to post on my Patchwork Quilting Mini Series its just that I’ve had a little hitch that has set me back.

(If you’re new around here and have no idea what I’m talking about – here’s a couple of little links:

How it started


Mini Series Video Tutorial

I recorded some film (is that too old school?) – video of the next steps and then sat down to dutifully record a voiceover. Then shucks and low and behold. This Mac Mini has no internal mic. And there I was talking at my computer for several minutes whilst it sat there and did nothing, no recording, da nada. Can you tell I’m new to this videoing malarkey (this is not my first videoing hurdle).

I hunted around for some headphones because I have faint memories of using them in my stereo to sing along to Ace of Base or East 17. Yep. Yes I did. Baby don’t go awaaaayyyy. *cough*

This little, tiny box is giving me a lot of headache

This little, tiny box is giving me a lot of headache

So, I wanted to let you know I’ve not forgotten – I’m having a mini hiatus so that I don’t pull my hair out too many nights in a row. Plus uploading a video with Fireman Sam background noise and my Minou giving me a commentary of our task (yep you’ll see me with 3 arms when I finally post it as she wanted to help make her quilt!) isn’t the best viewing experience you’ll ever have.

Any of you out there techno super heros? Is there a simple way around this that doesn’t require me buying a USB headset?!

To be continued…

naomi x

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