100th Post = Bucket List

This is my 100th post since starting my blog at the end of October (I later added some posts retrospectively from a private blog). Wowzers! 100! That’s a lot of writing and photos.

My 3 most popular posts so far have been:

1. Dinosaur Applique T-Shirts

2. Hot Air Balloon Craft

3. Fairies? Sylvanians? Dollies? Elves?

I felt I should celebrate such a milestone. I was going to write 100 things I wanted to achieve however, it turns out that thinking of 100 things is harder that it seems. This will be an ongoing ‘bucket list’. Nothing too fancy. I’ve included some big things to get excited about but they are mainly achievable, realistic goals that will make me smile. So in no particular order:



1. Create my family tree

2. Have a dog as part of the family

3. Have a full body massage, facial, pedicure and manicure in one day

5. Make my own perfume scent

6. Spend one week sans any social media type technology i.e mobile, computer

7. Fly first class

8. Read 13 books in 2013

Activity/Sport Related


1. Not feel scared of physical exercise and to actually enjoy some form for an extended period of time where I feel I can say “I am a runner/swimmer/etc”

2. Run a marathon (okay maybe just a little one)

3. Watch a full game of American Football

4. Learn a dance confidently i.e salsa/tango etc etc



1. Know all my favourite verses by heart

2. Re-read the Bible in its entirety in one year

Sewing Clothes

TV Table Ironing Table Final

1. Sew a coat

2. Sew myself a garment (which I will actually wear)

3. Sew an entire matching outfit

4. Become confident at applique and rock at it!

5. Embroider something, a picture, a wall hanging etc.

Sewing General

1. Make seasonal cushion covers (Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn)

2. Make a proper sofa cover


Patchwork Quilt Design

1. Make a patchwork quilt

2. Make myself and my minou a quilt



1. Knit an item of clothing (more than a hat or scarf) that I can wear

2. Knit a tea cosy (because how adorable is that?!)

Food/Baking/Yummy Things


1. Be able to bake a reliably good white loaf from scratch

2. Have a signature dessert

3.  Find my favourite bottle of red/white and rose

4. Eat frogs legs. I ate everything but this whilst living in France



1. Create a lovely garden space

2. Regularly grow my own vegetables



1. Go camping again

2. Visit Italy

3. Visit China

4. Have a holiday on a boat be it barge/sail/ship

5. Take my daughter on a nightwalk Mann style

6. Go on holiday where it is cold and snowy (something like this)

7. See the Northern Lights

8. Go on the Orient Express

9. Go to Poland

10. Go on a camper van holiday


To be continued…

7 thoughts on “100th Post = Bucket List

  1. judithkingston

    What an exciting list! I will look forward to reading about your progress. 🙂 I have the NIV student Bible, edited by our friend Philip Yancey, which has three different reading tracks to help you read the whole of the bible in a certain time scale – I can recommend this, it really helped. x

      1. judithkingston

        Haha, not my real friend!! I meant that both you and I like Philip Yancey, and he is therefore a friendly figure to have editing a Bible. 🙂

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