Quilting & Ironing

Up to now I have been using a small IKEA ironing board. It did the job but was low to the ground and after many years had lost its padding so any ironing showed up grid marks.

Finally I found a TV table to convert into a new ironing board. It is perfect. Easy to store and it folds out at the same height as my sewing machine table.

I bought an ironing board cover and felt pad at my favourite Aldi supermarket.

Here’s a quick how to:

TV Table Ironing Table

TV Table IRoning Table cut

TV Table Ironing Table string

Ironing board cover & felt pad

and here is the end result:

TV Table Ironing Table 1

Excuse the loose threads which need trimming

TV Table Ironing table

In action:

TV Table Ironing Table Final

It has just make ironing that little bit more enjoyable.

naomi x

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