New Year/Springtime Resolutions

I have felt inspired these last few weeks. You know, that bubbling feeling inside where you feel restless, excited and full of anticipation. I think it has something to do with spring finally arriving. I love spring. Spring and autumn are my favourite months. Nature fills me with hope, new beginnings and fresh starts.

So I’ve been thinking. Reflecting on these feelings.

Last year was about becoming more emotionally healthy. And still is. And will be for a while. But this year. This year I feel has a different beat. It is about becoming more physically and spiritually healthy.

In the back of my mind I have been contemplating running. The physical act of running. I am NOT a runner. I’m not sporty. I even hate the word pivot from traumatic netball days at school. In fact I tell a lie. I spent two summers in North Carolina at Lake Lure with an amazing “family” Camp Lurecrest. For a while I ran every other morning before the children woke which meant a 6am start. I loved it. The air. The space. The quiet. But that was over 10 years ago.

I’ve muttered to friends that to run sounds good.  I want a healthy body but I’m not a runner. However, deep down a yearning to run has awoken and I can’t shake it. So a few weeks ago I programmed Google maps to the nearest sport shop and I bought my 3rd ever pair of sporting trainers since being 17 years old. My last pair would have been 10 years old in May.

And I have run. Small. Little. Tiny runs. But runs nonetheless. And it has felt good. My body aches. And it feels good. My mind thinks about the next run. And it feels good.

Spiritually, I feel like I am stretching my limbs after coming out of a period of hibernation. A lot has been going on under this pile of crispy dry leaves. I have been grappling. I have been wrestling. I have been testing. I have sat in silence. It has been good. And now. Now I want more than I can get from under these leaves alone.

Pile of leaves

It feels good to have this fresh sense of desire to grow in different ways. Yahoo. Here I come 2013 (even though you are already 4 months old).

naomi x

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